Sanat Mehrgen Tabriz Company

Manufacturer Of Electro Motors & Electro Pumps

Sanat Mehrgen Tabriz Company in 2012 with registration number 34173 in order to provide part of the needs of domestic industries and eliminate the dependence of the country to produce various parts of water coolers and other industries, with the aim of producing various types of electro motors and electro pumps has formed and entered the field of production.

Sanat Mehrgen Group has succeeded in creating a new transformation in this industry by examining the current needs of the air conditioner parts manufacturing industry and with the cooperation of committed forces and graduates of the first level universities of the country and taking advantage of extensive software and hardware facilities.

By obtaining the required standards, this company has taken a new step in order to provide quality products in accordance with international standards in Iran.

In general, the goal of Sanat Mehrgen Tabriz Company is to provide high quality products, long life, low consumption and scientific, beautiful and expert design and implementation for customers, and as one of the leading companies in the production of electromotor parts, strives for a superior position. To gain itself in the Iranian market.

The products of this company are produced under the brand name "Mehrgen" and sent to international markets.

Achievements & Honors

Sanat Mehrgen Tabriz Company has had significant successes and achievements since its establishment, which shows the company’s desire for excellence and dynamism in the implementation of various activities and the creation of diverse values. Receiving the statue of the sample machine building unit from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade is an example of the valuable achievements of Sanat Mehrgen Group.

Today, the competition for making better and higher quality products is increasing day by day. In this regard, Sanat Mehrgen Company has been able to achieve significant success in designing and optimizing various types by employing graduates and academic elites and establishing connections with scientific centers. Acquired electro motors and electro pumps.

A summary of the achievements and honors that Sanat Mehrgen Group has achieved:



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Message from the CEO of Sanat Mehrgen Tabriz Company

Eslam Abbaspour


With the help of God Almighty and the gratitude of my dear colleagues and customers, it makes me happy that at this time I am honored to be present and serve in the production and parts industry of the country.

This company has been established based on the study of the needs of the country and the region and an expert view of the specific needs of industries for new and up-to-date services. While adhering to professional ethics, we always try to pay attention to the needs of our customers, and in this direction, our main support is the elite and young human capital, experienced managers and the use of modern technologies.

Based on the vision of Sanat Mehrgen Tabriz Company, which is to become a reputable company in the region; We strive to provide comprehensive and superior services to customers and target groups.

I hope that with the attention of God and the support of all interested parties, we will succeed in the excellence of the country’s economic activities, and in line with the defined mission and goals, we anticipate new achievements in the field of production of industrial parts and machinery, especially in designing and optimizing Have electro motors and electro pumps and be a successful model.

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